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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 30, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> developing news. another round of severe weather is threatening a wide swath of the mid quest right now. tornado and storm warnings from oklahoma north to minnesota. >> residents have been told to brace for a golf-ball sized hail and thunderstorms. plus a possibility of twisters and flooding. two tornadoes touched down today in the northeastern part of oklahoma.
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>> of course this region is still recovering from the deadly tornado that struck the oklahoma city suburb of moore killing 24 people, injuring 250. official as announced they'll rebuild two schools stroid in that storm. seven third graders were killed, crushed by debris. >> want owe bring you a live shot now this, is the scene in norman, oklahoma. and this is where the university of oklahoma has a main campus. at this point there is no tornado formation taking place. just a scary situation. this area is not far from moore. united states averages 1200 tornadoes per year. seems like a high number. but very, very few are destructive as what we saw in oklahoma.
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>> sandhya patel has more on the threat right now. >> let me show you the live doppler 7 hd now. you can see a line of thunderstorms extending up towards upper mid west at this hour this, is a time of the year where you can see severe weather outbreaks and we're seeing very strong developments of thunderstorms. southwest of oklahoma city, into arkansas here are the latest reports. so far the number of reports about a dozen. there are different reports coming in from people, injuries, so far, five, you'll notice tornado warnings still posted. watch box as cross this region until 10:00 p.m. central time. so big contrast in the weather here, sunny skies just a beautiful day. 67 in oakland.
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72 in san jose. not a lot of warm rj in half moon bay. you can see skies are clear across the bay. and it's 66 in union city. sunny skies over the golden gate bridge we're going to continue to see a continuation of this. clear skies, mid-50s to low 70s, upper 40s to upper 50s and afternoon featuring warmer weather inland. low 60s to low 90s, with the heat comes high fire danger. carolyn? >> we'll see you then. >> managers of the electrical grid asking us to cut back on power usage. that seems to be working. the lines show how much power people were expected to use today. and you can help especially
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right now. >> the accused driver from a horrible car crash ta killed three people appeared in court today. the 25-year-old faced a judge in redwood city but did not en charged with drunk driving and felony hit and run. prosecutors say he was driving the green mustang in colma monday morning that rear ended a hond yachl the mustang split in two, killing passengers. >> gunshots ended a life this morning. the killing at audubon drive marks the fourth homicide this year. the 20th of the week, it's the 20th homicide of the year. the victim's uncle says it happened when the 19-year-old was waiting for a ride. the uncle says he warned his nephew to stay away from potentially dangerous people. >> never hang out with people like that. and all that. and... he tried to go to
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school. >> this shooting took place just across the street from santee elementary school. the school cancelled classes today no, arrests have been made, police plan to focus on gang hot spots after the surge. >> san jose saluted police officer who's sacrificed their lives to keep the city safe. today's memorial particularly poignant considering the spike in violent crime in san jose. >> we need more police officers our officers know how to deal with gang violence, so we are also the most thinly staffed department in the nation. have been for a while. now we're at low level autos the rate of homicides though we're one of the safest big cities in the country, those homicides are too many. >> the mayor told yortz he'd like to increase the size of the police department. it's smaller now than 10 years ago.
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many officers have left san jess yeah because cuts have slashed their pay over the past few years. >> police in east pal yes alto will be out tonight enforcing a curfew for anyone younger than 18 years old from 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 in the morning. teens and children found after 11:00 will be detained and brought to a designated location where parents can pick them up and will have to make an appearance at youth court. this is in response to the declaration of a crime emergency following a wave of gang violence, 27 people arrested last week. >> police on the look out for a man. this is the man accused of acosting a woman outside of the nordstrom at broadway plaza. >> security officers at the walnut week nordstrom saw this man trying to ditch his shirt and hat in a potted plant what. they didn't know is that he had just tried to rob a
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customer in this garage. >> she got near the door a male came frup behind her, grabbed her. a struggle ensued. >> another customer walked into the garage, police think it spooked the man, and he ran off. when he ran back into nordstrom, the camera got a good shot of him. police are hoping someone will give them a call. >> janet says she her friend was robbed and this break in in december, someone broke the glass and stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. the police say they consider robberies a rare occurrence. >> that area is covered by security cameras and pretty well lit. >> summers -- customers found the news unsettling.
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>> yes. i'm surprised. i don't think of walnut creek as a high crime area. you just have to be vigilant whenever you are. >> it's safe here. and that stuff happens you have to be cautious. >> ofgsers say these tips include being aware of your surroundings or asking a security officer to escort you to the car. >> an invitation in the form
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the word that stumped this speller from san leeando. >> then at 4:30 keeping your children safe in the digital age what. police officials are teaching them about making the right choices. >> and taking a look at traffic right now. it's slow going on the san francisco skyway. it has been this way all afternoon, particularly tough for drivers on the left side of the screen heading east across the bay bridge. it's bottled up for drivers trying to make their way to
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nasa unveiled a plan to capture an asteroid for human exploration. wants to use a robot to glab a small race space rock then drag night orbit around the moon allowing astronauts to explore it. nasa will need new technology to pull this off. this is being done to develop new technologies to send nasa
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astronauts to mars. >> that will be easy. >> yes. >> asteroids for sale. >> and emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. >> good afternoon. microsoft hoping a return to well known windows features will jump start demand for windows 8. the company says it's bringing back the familiar start button, though the new button will just pass the windows logo. u.s. auto safety regulateors will least policy intended to advance testing of the driverless cars. self-driving cars currently being developed by some auto makers and google. credit bureaus starting to use facebook to verify a person's identity.
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u.s. stocks gaining today, g some of the losses. your bloomberg silicon valley index rising today as well. and tesla's ceo announced the electric car maker sex panding the network of charging stations but the couple will triple that area, the move will allow owners of the model f to be able to drive cross country from l.a. to new york. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> call this the yard sale of all yard sales. the fourth annual world's longest yard sale running along historic highway 40 from baltimore to st. louis. a stretch of 824 miles through six states. some folks make a road trip out of this. many sales are hit as they can. >> wishing he was somewhere
4:16 pm popular that restaurants actually run out of food and atms run out of money. >> the bay area spelling whiz gets an a for effort. it wasn't enough to advance in the scrips national spelling bee today. the 8th grader was eliminated from semi finals after she misspelled a word that is of greek origin used to describe animals producing many eggs or off spring. >> audrey was one of 42 spellers out of 281 who made
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it to the semi finals. >> she had a good run. >> there is so much pressure on the kids. >> this year they had to give definitions as well. >> yes. they made it harder. >> boy. >> we're expecting a warm up now. >> we thought our jobs were hard. >> nothing like that. >> some hot weather is coming up for inland areas and with increasing temperatures we're looking at higher fire danger. changes underway, clear skies right now, we're experiencing a little warmer weather today. but we haven't seen the heat just yet. red flag warnings friday, 10:00 a.m. until saturday, 7:00 p.m. covering sol lan yes county. the humidity low as 10%. you combine witness dry fuels, not a lot of rain over the winter and fires can spread so
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we'll watch for that fire danger into the weekend. from our mount tamalpais camera looking at beautiful view of ocean beach. this will be the place to be. if you do not like the hot weather, because that is where we're going to see increasing fire danger and this area of high pressure. around the bay coastside not so much. tonight temperatures will remain on the comfortable sirkd clear skies. morning begin was sunshine. temperatures peeking on saturday when the wind coming off the hotter land blows towards inland valleys and brings in the heat along the coastline that sea breeze keeps temperatures comfortable. half moon bay mild 67 degree day. downtown san francisco, 75
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degrees. towards east bay, oakland, 80. check out antioch. 97 degrees. this is the kind of weather we expect in summer time. a full play heading into the next couple days. so wide range of conditions. first thing in the morning most of you waking up to clear skies and mild conditions. temperatures into 50s but along the coastline, you'll notice upper 40s there to start off. afternoon highs in the south bay 80 in the santa cruz. 81 redwood city. a nice day on the coast. 62346 half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 73 degrees, temperatures running higher than today. 65 in the sunset district. north bay you're going see 60s coastside. into 80s and 90s showing up. ka calistoga 90 degrees, 84 san rafael. towards east bay, oakland, 78.
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77 in newark. inland areas. on the hot side. 90 in concord and livermore. 92 degrees in antioch and hotter saturday inland highs mid 9s, coastal communities, mid-60s. by sunday, sea breeze knock s temperatures down the coast. temperatures back down to mid-80s and by tuesday, upper 70s inland so a sharp contrast. >> relief will be on the way, then. >> absolutely. quickly here. >> thank you. >> up next, the famous feline grumpy cat is now going hollywood. the big deal she just signed presumably with her paw. >> then at 4:30 a fakeout. this television show fools millions of people into believing of the existence of mermaids. the producer is now defending his mockumentary. >> here is a live check of
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traffic. oncoming traffic moving nicely. stay with us. back with more at 4:0
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you're about to see another life changing moment for this couple. travis sweet kneeling down. he proposed to his girlfriend
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tyisha. the couple shares a special bond. tyisha donated a kidney to travis before valentine's day. it turns out his girlfriend was a perfect match. by the way she just said yes. >> travis sweet. sweet indeed. >> yes. >> that cranky-faced kitty just signed a hollywood movie deal. >> why don't we have a cat like this? grumpy cat will star in a new comedy feeding off her popularity. >> reports the project being likened to gar garlfield. grumpy's real name is tartar sauce. grumpy is the stage name spewing her unfriendly thoughts outloud in the movie. >> the feline won a webby award for being the world's most popular mean face.
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>> look at her. >> raking in millions we can see it there. >> her real name is tartar sauce. not even grumpy. >> movie premiers from coast to coast bringing ut stars of the summer. >> vince vaughn and owen wilson team up again, posing for pictures for the premier for the "internship". the guys in the movie go to work for goog yelling. >> it's a club med, there are restaurants everywhere. and they like value voly fwhai. have pods you can take a nap n it felt like we're at sandals resort. >> the internship rushes theaters june 7. will smith flashed his smile alongside his family, greeting fans at the premier of their new adventure "after earth". >> the story set for present
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day. and the idea exploded the creative, the content. man of of steel is two weeks away. dc comics celebrating by unveiling this new logo. that is right. super man first appeared in june, 1938. the year-long anniversary celebration includes a new comic and man of steel june 14th. >> still ahead a mother's nightmare. a woman accused of smuggling in mexico talks about her ordery. new evidence that may help prove her innocence. >> educators getting inskprofld saying kids should get involved in their parents.
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>> and a man
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we have breaking news right now from southern california. santa claire reeta. a wildfire
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has broken out. warm weather and this is a fire jtreing out near angeles national forest. there are structures being threatened and there are wind advisories. you just saw a flash. i don't know aif a power line just went up there. you can see the line stretched out right there. the fire underneath. so that is in danger. who know what's that is going to mean in terms of power to people in the area. we'll keep you posted and the arizona mother is pleading for her freedom from a mexico jail, kept now for more than a week. there is new surveillance video of boarding that bus without drugs.
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>> it's very sad what i'm going through. very sad. >> a plea from the mormon mother of seven desperate to reunite with her family. >> this is a nightmare. this is -- i need to be out. >> soldiers said they found these drugs under her bus seat but the guards expected to testify never arrived. >> that shows this is made up. >> her husband says the guards were after a bribe. he couldn't pay it, they took his wife. now outside of court he dared to hope fingerprint evidence, witness testimony and surveillance would bring his wife back to him. >> that makes you feel g you're still in this nightmare until it's over. the fact her jailers are now letting her speak may be another positive sign. >> bottom line is that this indicates to me there is a
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possibility that this is to allow a judge to release her friday. >> she has been finding strength in faith, and from jail spoke of unexpected blessings. kind jailers, a better cell, a brighter future. >> heavenly father will bless us. it's going to make us stronger. >> abc news can confirm shows her holding her purse and water as she boarded the bus. the judge has until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow to decide if it should go to trial. her family is convinced she will be coming home. >> well, be proactive, notice reactive is the goal behind a meeting of educators to make young people better online citizen autos today's event aimed to instill responsible behavior. we mow kids are turning to
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social networks but educators warn kids need guidance trying to learn where that line is between proper and irresponsible behaviors. >> teachers and administrators say they have seen bad behavior has consequences. recent example tied to the death of a high school student. >> we see cyber bullying and where it's sort of like after the fact sort of like reaction yairy that is what is more important. we need to be more pro active. >> they're helping educators we've -- weave responsibility into the cirriculum. >> not just looking at this as a one day event. you know? we want to make sure we're talking about it throughout the year. and so that it becomes part of the culture. >> two organizations, a
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platform for good and safety institute encourage skpairnts children to sign cards spelling out rules that come with getting a cell phone or smart fob. the officer at the office of education says kids are still developing and need guidance its important to use those opportunities to bring technology into that conversation and bring that responsibility along for them as they develop. >> focus groups kids welcome adults engaging with them. >> what they wanted to see is that parents and grandparents getting on text and facebook. doing it the right way. they wanted them engaged. they wanted conversation autos safety experts say they'd like to see good behaveors, praise and shared so everyone will start to emulate them. >> david, thank you. >> we want to alert but a
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major traffic delay right now in vacaville. a fatal accident happening before noon has traffic tied up near lagoon valley road. trook take a look this, is caltrans video of the scene. an elderly woman driving a scion struck a caltrans truck. the car landed on its roof. the left lane remains closed on 80. there is no estimated time right now of clearing that accident. the family of late penn state football coach joe paterno taking action against the nac -- ncaa filing a lawsuit hoping to overturn sanctions handed down to the university over the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. the sanctions base on a report by former fbi director include a four year bowl ban, $60 million fine and scholarship
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reductions and vacated 111 wins from paterno's record. >> the giants and a's wrapped up the bay bridge series this afternoon. giants trying to avoid being swept by rivals. giants down 1-0. two run score. giants going ahead 2-1. later in the sixth, one goes to the gap in left center. sandoval score z sharks cleaning out their lockers today starting summer vacations earlier than hoped. sharks lost in game seven of the playoff series with kings on tuesday night. team teal has got big decisions to make. does management keep this core group together after making playoffs? or major trades trying to shake things up in an attempt to achieve the ultimate goal?
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still ahead at 4:00 a mermaid mockumentary. the film that fooled people into believing mermaids exist. >> first, an ostrich causing quite a scene during the evening commute. >> i'm sandhya patel. live look from our east bay hills camera. sunny skies, warmer. much warmer weather the next couple days. with the increasing temperatures, coming high fire danger. we'll have details coming up. >> and taking a look at traffic right now this, is interstate 806789 you can see it's jam packed in both directions. cars on the right side making their way north. on the left and san francisco, it's just really slow going this friday. abc 7 news
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an ostrich is back in captivity after running wild in china. >> the ostrich roaming the busy streets tuesday night. he was dodging cars and got hit head on, and kind of laughed it off. that is what he did. >> each time the bird managed to run away. police, tluk see him there.
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the bird expected now to make a full recovery. >> that is about 45 miles per hour? >> looked like it. >> yes. >> passing cars. >> we're getting a video look at the san francisco zoo's newest baby giraffe. >> keepers say it's spunky and already bonding before the baby is put on public display. it doesn't have a name yet but i'm going to brandon from the giants brandon belt whose nickname is baby giraffe. >> take a look at this, this is not your parents wedding photo. the photographer having them chase bid a t rex that was
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photo shopped into this picture. >> miller instructed the group to look at the camera and show as much fear as they could. it worked. miller isn't saying whether it's supposed to represent a mother or father-in-law. >> i like one guy looking back at the t rex there. >> well executed. >> spencer christian is off. >> you can see skies are clear. if you're traveling, we're expecting possibility of more thunderstorms and tornadoes. 89 degrees in new york. we're going see heat towards phoenix. portland 71. 66 in fargo around the state sunshine, mild 75 degree day
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in chico. it's going to get hot in the desert. 79 in los angeles, temperatures coming up more. you'll feel it inland. low 90s in antioch and conk yordz. 87 in santa rosa. here are the tornado trend for san jose looking towards weekend. really doesn't start to cool off for inland skpaerz around the bay until next week when numbers will drop back down closer to average. until then arks above normal temperatures expected. and that is why they're going stay. >> a california woman finds a surprise after buying a used
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book. the childhood momento she discovered coming up next. >> oh, my goodness. i'm at harvard! >> yes. she is. media mogul oprah winfrey's words of wisdom for the nation's elite graduates. >> cheating at the airport. what some travelers are doing to cut long lines and get in fron
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animal planet under fire for a program got the network's highest ratings ever. more than three and a half million people watched the show called "mermaids" including a shot of a creature. the whole thing was a fake but animal planet never bothered to mention that except for a fast blink if you miss it disclaimer in the closing credits. >> we wanted foam approach the city stwri a sense of possibility and wonder. hopefully that is what they allowed them to do. to believe. >> the show drew the ire of noa because what producers claimed was an exclusive interview with a former noa scientist. that man was a actor.
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>> wait until they do the unicorn expose. >> charles ramsey gained cult hero status for the part in the rescue of three kidnapped women signed a deal to become a celebrity speaker could earn $10,000 per appearance. the man who signed him says he's a natural. >> he is so cars matic. a dor him. it shines through. i think he has a very touching and emotional message he had the courage and motivation to go help someone out when they're in a disastrous situation. i admire and respect that. >> ramsey told us. >> other people have been cashing in on the charisma. there are action figures out for sale. you'll find a video game depicting ramsey throwing hamburgers at the alleged kid mapper and a restaurant chain
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selling ramsey burgers. he says he never gave anyone permission to use his name or likeness. >> harvard graduates received words today from oprah winfrey. >> learn from every mistake. because every experience encounter and particularly your mistakes are there to cheat you and force you into being more of who you are. and then, figure out what is the next right move. >> harvard awarded an honorary degree to win free. she told graduates she learned from helping her oprah winfrey network succeed after it had trouble gaining viewers. >> a southern california woman received a shock picking up a bible at a used bookstore. the 75-year-old walked into a used book shop in san clemente, and bought the used bible. in it, two yellow pieces of paper she paid no mind to. until one day she decided to
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take a look. waits an essay that she had written 65 years ago to earn her girl scout merit badge in kentucky. >> i started shaking. i cried. i had goose bumps. >> this is amazing. now, the name says mary lou. that is what she went by years ago. she's determined to find out how koit end in r.up in a tiny book snore southern california. she thinks perhaps she's supposed to find a person who should northbound her life, who knows? it's another bible story z a curious one. >> yes. that bible wasn't hers, just the essay. >> the note. >> yes. >> long lines at the airport can be annoying and could cause you to miss a flight. >> that happens but michael finney says some travelers are cheating to cut ahead in line. >> this is so cold.
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however, the united final association says about 15% of the chair goes to healthy passengers they take a disability to cut head in line. that makes it harder for those truly disabled to get the help you need. >> do you want to buy girl scout cookies? one troop really needs buyers. the troop in texas planned to order 500 boxes to sell by mistake ordered 500 cases. that is 6,000 boxes. they have been hocking cookies like crazy and have 49 cases left z one mom says no way to pay for them. >> sh she had no idea she was ordering that volume. >> the girls owe $2,000 for
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the cookies. it's due by monday or they go to collections. if you upload -- i should say upload copy written material on to you tube you can get slapped with a violation. now there is a way to redeem yourself. you can go to you tube copy right school through this video posted on the site. it's like the you tube version of traffic school. if you pass, you tube will erase the violation. the video explains laws and urges you to upload your own original material. >> if russell and lumpy can figure itd out. >> yes. >> that is a great idea. >> san francisco versus apple. >> the landmark could ruin floornz a new flag ship store in union square.
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>> in the abc 7 newsroom at 5:00 fighting fire with fire. the bay area hot spot where crews were out in force taking measures today. also... >> i was -- we love this lady. a woman abandoned as a baby finds the woman that found her. there is just one other woman she hopes to meet. you'll get the
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abc 7 if the @ 8:00 a battle royal appears to be brewing in san francisco between apple and a unique fountain in union square. we're live with the developments. >> skm... leanne? >> sorry guys just admiring some of the parts of the
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sculpture here. this is turning into a bit of a headache for apple and city of san francisco. now, hyatt owns the property and will lease the store occupied right now by levis. they'll lease it to apple, apple wants tochl pand and the roof of the fountain which is very well known around the world. it's not included in their plans and this is what it will look like. a typical apple store glass and metal clashing with a brick stairs and bronze fountains now, for the first time apple has issued a statement, apple and hyatt have always intended to find the best possible location where it can live on in the community, when the city approves the project. now, the mayor of san francisco who was initially thrilled with b.this project has now backed away a little. >> that is the rightful place
4:58 pm
because there is historic value to the building and steps. >> well, ruth is very very well known here in san francisco, and around the world. hyatt commissioned this fountain it and was completed in 1973. now, coming up at 6:00 the family talked to us. because this was custom built, for these steps it's impossible to move it and have it anywhere else that. is coming up at 6:00. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> the man behind the wheel of a deadly accident in colma faces a judge. it turns out this isn't his
4:59 pm
first time. >> and where fire crews used fire to fight fire today. >> heat and high fire dang jer ahead. where high fire dangers are going up. >> firefighters set this fire to prevent a bigger one, temperatures start to heat up. good evening, everyone. >> that breaking news is in santa clarita. we're looking at live pictures of the fire, we can see it's now engulfed a structure. we know five acres burned in angeles national forest now. >> when he hope those are walter pipes. flames have come close to
5:00 pm
power lines in that area. now, crews lit two fires today that, is where abc 7 news is live now with more on their efforts. >> this was an take a look at the hill sfirktsd say they couldn't have picked a better day. things got intense at times but the fire was under control from the beginning, firefighters began setting fires at the preserve in palo alto this morning before starting they took every possible measurement to make sure this controlled burn didn't get out of hand. >> we're very, very careful about watching weather and fuel moisture, watching humidity. winds. it plays a factor. >> crews continued to monitor the w


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